Matthew Palladino & Ryan Shaffer

White Walls presents a joint show featuring new works by Matthew Palladino and Ryan Shaffer.

Matthew Palladino is a native to San Francisco and is inspired by everything from newspaper headlines to bandanas. Mixing influences from CCA and the Mission School artists, Palladino comprises haphazard compositions full of all things American – violence, sex, and satire! Through his use of bold flat color, Palladino sheds light on some strong subject matter while still maintaining a bit of humor. Refusing to shy away from disturbing issues or images Palladino claims, “If things come out in the work that people don’t like, I’m ready to talk about it … Hiding or avoiding things seems like it would only be destructive”. Working in mostly watercolor and acrylic gouache on paper and embracing free association, Palladino allows his work to become something of it’s own. The end result? Shocking narratives that inspire us all.

White Walls has had the pleasure of not only doting on Ryan Shaffer for his computer expertise, but also having the opportunity to show his work in the past. A man of many talents, Shaffer is originally from San Diego and moved to San Francisco five years ago to pursue his art. His compositions are loosely symmetrical and through the use of repeating images he creates a sense of balance in seemingly chaotic imagery. This introspective imagery objectively deals with personal and emotional experiences in Shaffer’s recent past. Working in acrylics, gouache, and house paint on paper and wood panels, Shaffer’s style is eclectic and retro. Vibrant neon orange and blue pop against muted backgrounds and no doubt grab everyone’s attention. He is a must see.

For more images and information regarding these artists please visit our website and their personal sites: for Matthew and for Ryan.


Click here for opening reception photos.


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