FTC Reps Ian Johnson

FTC and Ian Johnson have a long history of collaboration, so it’s no wonder FTC is getting hyped for his upcoming show at White Walls. We loved this post on the FTC blog, cataloging Ian’s career from the skate shop’s perspective.

Thumbnail image for FTC_WE_MilesQuintet.jpg

“Known for his love of skateboarding and distinctive illustrations of iconic jazz musicians, Ian Johnson is regarded as San Francisco’s ‘City Treasure’ if you will. He elevated the aesthetics of the urban art game by staying true to his 2 passions – Skateboarding & Jazz. While most wouldn’t consider this fusion possible or even marketable, the demand for his art proves otherwise. His decks are consistently sold out even before they hit the shelves. We’re lucky if we can hold on to a t-shirt or even a postcard from his Western Edition line.”-FTC

Thumbnail image for FTC_Marvin.JPG

Get more of the love at the FTC blog.


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