Girlcrush on Becca

Becca‘s foxy ladies are enough to stir a girlcrush in any of us. They flaunt Tinkerbell lashes and teeny waists reminiscent of Disney classics, but their eyes demand attention that goes beyond the surface. With the mysterious Becca’s new show opening this July at White Walls, Female Persuasion prompted her to reveal a few thoughts. As her choice of venue for displaying painted ladies has changed over the years, Becca explains:

“I’m not too interested in the streets anymore. I used the streets for practice and self-promotion. Each piece I put up was a one-of-a-kind painting. No Xeroxes or posse, just me and my painting. I certainly don’t see myself crawling and scrawing, as I put it. I did the streets for 20 years, now I take care of my mum (full time) and paint for shows or commissions.” -Read more at Female Persuasion.


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