Press Release: Becca

New Works by BECCA

JULY 11th – AUGUST 1st

Opening Reception: July 11th 2009, from 7-11pm.

Showing: July 11th through August 2nd 2009. Open to the public.

White Walls Gallery is proud to present a solo show featuring new works by BECCA. The opening reception will be held Saturday, July 11th, 2009 from 7pm to 11pm. BECCA is a renowned street-turned-studio artist that has shown her work throughout the country for over two decades. Her iconic ladies have been inspiring “BECCA tours” for years, featuring areas of Los Angeles and White Walls’ own Tenderloin neighborhood.

Earning her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University and her MFA from Art Institute of San Francisco, BECCA’s talent is undeniable.  Believing in “art as transcendence” to communicate with individual neighborhoods, BECCA’s work is accessible to all. Her seemingly innocent imagery connects the viewer to their environment, drawing attention to issues of public space. BECCA’s playful images of 1950s ladies harbor a sinister side when examined closely; their scrapes and bloodied knees create subliminal social commentary that hits home.

BECCA’s first claim to fame came in the 1990s at a construction site for the Japanese American National Museum. She painted an image of a sleeping lady, only to have it painted over the following day. Returning to the site, BECCA repainted the image and scrawled the message “let me sleep” above it. Again it was painted over. Her determination eventually gained her an even bigger wall on the site: an opportunity to paint a whole group of her characters.

Word of BECCA’s tenacity drew the attention of LA gallery owners, who immediately opened their doors to her. Over the past twenty years, BECCA’s art has evolved and her girls have grown up.  The scrapes are gone; matured ladies who once walked the streets of LA now stride confidently into galleries to sit pretty, on view for all.

Please visit White Walls media kit for additional information.


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