Big Ben Street Art Tours


One can easily find the above image thanks to Google and the keywords, “Lister” and “Sickboy.” But once perusing the crowded streets of London on foot, would this wall piece be so easily found? To bridge that gap, a young chap named JR has taken it upon himself to guide eager street art lovers throughout East London. His tours are updated as often as the streets dictate, often including works by Anthony Lister, Sickboy, Conor Harrington, Barry McGee and more. We are diggin his philosophy:

“Any artist willing to give away their work for free and expose more people to art has a certain ‘x-factor’ that comes across in their artwork. Urban artists are painting for the love of it, and they are painting to give the public a chance to experience art without having to pay to wander confused around a museum.” -read more at


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