Props to Ian

PropsRadio has just released “In the Evening” featuring artwork by our homeboy, Ian Johnson. See what Props has to say below, and check out video collab with Ian.


“This week’s propsRadio is a real treat and true testament of helping advance the art of jazz to a new generation, an intention deeply rooted in the vibrantly organic yet meticulously precise artwork of Ian Johnson. Jazz royalty is rendered against backgrounds of both geometric shape and zen wash on materials as natural as the musicians painted on the grain. Dig this! Listen AND look at the show…Ian’s nighttime musical selections are represented by selections of his own artwork; as tracks advance, you’ll see the art change…my man also did the cover art! Thanks Ian for the stories and the laughs…you’ve made this one very special at an important time in my life.” –Props


One response to “Props to Ian

  1. thanks for the shine, White Walls…honored to have Ian on propsRadio.

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