Travel Diary: Chris Blackstock in NYC

Everyone needs a little vacation time and one of our staff is currently enjoying just that in New York City. Chris Blackstock is taking full advantage of a temporary relocation, rubbing shoulders with his favorite galleries and artists. In his own words, Chris recaps the voyage below:

Andy Kehoe and Souther Salazar show at Jonathan Levine Gallery

I’m bummed because I didn’t have my wide angle lens for the
show but Iwas still able to get some good shots.  Enjoy.

Hopping on the subway. Wish I had my bike.

The gallery is located in the Chelsea district.  Damn nice.
I wasn’t expecting it to be inside an art complex as I call
it but it was nice having that many galleries in one spot.

There was already a pretty decent crowd when I showed up.
There was a good vibe inside and free booze and wine.
I love free.

Jonathan Levine was in full effect




This was one of my favorites of Andy’s.
It reminded me of Where the Wild Things Are meets The
Neverending Story.  You really have to see this stuff in person.
There was some beautiful detail up close.




The man himself, Andy Kehoe.

Lori is my new favorite person.
She does a great job at the gallery and makes Jonathan’s life a little easier.
She’s supercute too.

No words necessary.


This piece was huge and had a lot of detail in it.
Souther Salazar’s whole show was very inviting and reminded
me of worlds you would day dream about as a kid.


These little air balloon men were amazing.
He had a whole room of them hanging from the ceiling.
They were made out of light bulbs and old jars with metal wiring,
pipe cleaners, wicker baskets, and other assorted items.

This guy was hanging out in the balloon room

Salazar in front of his big guy.

I was satisfied with the show to say the least.

If you have a chance and you live in New York or its
surrounding area you should check out this show. -Chris Blackstock


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