Founding Father: Blek le Rat

With the approaching opening of “Fourth Element: Urban Art in the Highlands” at UK’s The Watermill this Saturday, The Herald took the opportunity to talk street art. They were right on the ball while touching on the featured artists, Blek le Rat, D* Face, Banksy, Dolk, and Eelus:


“Labels in any game can give a dog a bad name and hang him. Graffiti Art has suffered more than most in this respect, given that some historians consider 30,000-year-old Paleolithic rock art to be the first example of the genre . . . Artists such as the Parisian-born Blek le Rat, considered by many to be the movement’s founding father, and Bristol’s own Banksy have achieved iconic status.” -Jan Patience, The Herald



One response to “Founding Father: Blek le Rat

  1. Would like more info about the images above. are they prints? Size? Materials?

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