The Morning After: 666 Opening

Ok, so it’s not exactly the morning after… but “the week after” just doesn’t have the same ring. The grand opening of 666 Gallery last Thursday was a huge success, and we were excited to receive this diary entry from the curator herself. Here are a few words from Jillian Mackintosh:

666openingMark Warren Jacques

“Like most wonderful things in life, 666 Gallery came at the most unexpected time and seemed to just fall into place.


The opening of ‘The Future Is So Bright’ group show was filled with new faces and amazing energy. With the intent to bring new artist into the oh-so popular San Francisco art scene, I curated a show that could be described as folksy and sweet. Artists from Portland, Kansas City and San Francisco filled the small space with 17 paintings and drawings.


Along with my fellow art nerd friends, I adapted the former Gallery Three as an experimental space. The gallery is located on Sixth St in the heart of the TL and can only be politely described as ‘animated.’ It’s a risk most people wouldn’t take, but I was excited to see what would come of it.


I wanted to fill the space with a cohesive collection that would flow together while reflecting a wide variety of styles and perspectives. You may ask how I got three dudes from Portland, a little lady from Kansas City and two locals all in one space the size of your living room. Surprisingly it was all so interconnected.

666opening5Timothy Karpinski

One day I came across a painting of a mountain man riding a small bike on flickr: it immediatly became my screensaver. I loved it. A few days later my boyfriend saw it pop up and asked where I had found one of James’ paintings. Turns out James, aka Nas Chompas is an old friend who was part owner of Together Gallery in Oregon. This is how I found Mark Warren Jacques and Timothy Karpinsky, who are also owners of the gallery.


When I saw their art in person later in the year, I kinda fell in love. Together they became the basis for ‘The Future Is So Bright.’”-Jillian Mackintosh


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