Babylon Falls Hard

Babylon Falling is going out with a bang. Their final art exhibition, “The End Is Near,” opened this Thursday to a thoroughly impressed crowd. David Choong Lee took the cake with an immense tower of graphic blocks, while C3 blew us away with his immaculate microscopic drawings. Not to mention David Young’s high contrast portraits and a massive tank sporting our beloved bumper sticker, “THE LOIN.” Check out these shots below and be sure say your farewells in person before June 18th.


More works by David Choong Lee:





Works by David Young:



Work by C3:



3 responses to “Babylon Falls Hard

  1. Jesus opening night was packed. How packed? Over a dozen artists’ pieces on display, a DJ sitting on a milk crate on the floor playing actual records; a tiny dance floor with dancing ballerinas; professional, and iPhone photographers; 40’s in the ice chest, old people young people artists art lovers book lovers neighbors and radicals all came out to show some love to a inspirational bookstore that will always be remembered upon fondly.

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