August Exhibition Unveiled

Our August exhibition has been a big TBA for days, but now we’re ready to tell the world what’s in store. Hugh Leeman and Michael Holman will be in the house this August, bringing together pointed criticisms of American society tinged with personal history. We gathered a few words from each artist, expanding on the themes of their respective bodies of work:

Hugh Leeman

“I feel roughly journalistic by painting my subjects; like a documentarian might. However painting them also carries an imperfection with it that photographing them does not have. This imperfection speaks not only of the moment I met my subjects but also of my subjects’ lives, my life, and my own limitations as an artist thereby reminding us of society’s imperfections. These paintings carry with them the hope of my subjects and I: hope to be heard, for our story to be told, and to relate to the joy in telling a story at all.” -Hugh Leeman


On painting the Confederate flag: “When I’m successful, it happens through clever deconstruction, humor, arrogance and the fact that I am truly a Son of the Confederacy. Richard “Dick” Holman (my great, great grandfather, though a slave of mixed-race) fought for the Confederates in the Civil War. So a bit of cultural and historical chauvinism is part of it as well, I won’t lie to you. The Confederacy is part of my history. My artwork isn’t taking ownership of the flag, as much as I am.” -Michael Holman


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