Letters from Leeman

Hugh Leeman keeps the Tenderloin on lock down with a constant flow of fresh wheat pastes and stickers- even while preparing for his August show at White Walls. He sent us this street art documentation, and we  decided to broadcast it live. In the words of Hugh:

These are some photos of recent that may be of interest for your blog.

These two are a before and after of a piece i did about
a month ago and then it was painted around as opposed
to over then a number of people tagged along side it.

Hugh Leeman wood wheatpaste

Hugh Leeman paste gallina

Here is a billboard I covered on 5th and Howard.

Hugh Leeman covered billboard

The next is a sticker of mine that’s around.

Hugh Leeman sticker sign

And last (but most interesting) is a “street artist” here in the Tenderloin.
I bought the elephant painting from him for $20 and asked if I could take
his photo with it. He said, “not unless I can hold this sign in the picture.”

I was like “perfect.”

Hugh Leeman Elephant Painting

Have a good one,


One response to “Letters from Leeman

  1. Hugh,
    I love you man! You are doing SO well! Your art is GREAT – I think I’ve met these guys somewhere.
    Love, Aunt Carol.

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