Lowbrow Wave on a Highbrow Shore

Caleb Neelon is an established authority when it comes to lowbrow art. As a writer for Juxtapoz and Swindle magazines, the painter is accustomed to voicing his well-informed opinions about matter. The Boston Globe recently interviewed Caleb in the article “Lowbrow Art on the Highbrow Shore,” addressing East vs. West Coast receptions of the underground art movement.

“To say there are dozens of lowbrow art galleries in California would be an understatement,” says Caleb Neelon, a Cambridge artist and writer who had a show of such art in April in San Francisco and has written for Juxtapoz.

“California is its spiritual home,” Neelon says of the movement. “The market, and the people in California, are more forward thinking than on the East Coast, and certainly in Boston.” Trying to talk with Bostonians about lowbrow art, a frustrated Neelon adds, “is like talking to my parents.”

Read the full article at The Boston Globe.


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