Red Carpet: AJ Fosik

Red Carpet

Thinking back on Saturday’s opening reception for AJ Fosik‘s “There’s Aliens in Our Midst,” one of our own staff says this:

“In my opinion, it was the best use of space I have ever seen at The Shooting Gallery and White Walls. The energy from both artists translates well in each gallery but they also compliment each other. There was a steady flow of collectors and genuinely interested people. It was a successful night, one of the best!” -Jillian Mackintosh, Publicist

AJOpening7Mr. AJ Fosik himself

AJOpening5Chris Blackstock lets loose.




AJOpening10Dustin Olson forgot his bag

AJOpening11Adam Flores and Jessica Whiteside hug it out



AJOpening4Beau Basse, Yoskay Yamamoto and Erik Otto


Check out more pics at our flickr.


One response to “Red Carpet: AJ Fosik

  1. Sick lookin show! Id love to see his stuff in person!

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