USA Today


The Spanyards have always sported a healthy appreciation for American art, and “USA Today” proves that they have done their homework. This exposition/installation currently touring Spain is organized by Contemporanea in collaboration with RVCA to catalog the most progressive artists of the past decade.

Aiming to represent the descendants of Warhol, Keith Haring, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, this show is a collection of art influenced by skateboarding, hip hop, punk, and grafitti culture. The lineup is hot: Shepard Fairey, Kelsey Brookes, Thomas Campbell, Jim Houser, Spike Jones, Matt Leines, Jim Houser, Barry McGee, Jeff Soto, Ed Templeton, Cheryl Dunn and more.

If only we could jet set on over to Badajoz, Spain before July 8th, we would witness a massive collection of the art that keeps our blood pumping.

Photo Source: The Art Collectors


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