Press Release: Bryan Schnelle

Gallery Three Presents:

“Suicide Machine”

New Works by Bryan Schnelle


Opening Reception: August 8th 2009 from 7-11pm, and open to the public.

Showing: August 8th through September 7th, 2009

Gallery Three is proud to present “Suicide Machine”, a new body of works by Bryan Schnelle. “Suicide Machine” attempts to expose and explore human greed and the decomposition of ‘utopia’. This collection of satirical illustrations builds a platform for serious thought and reflection. Please join us for the opening reception on August 8th 2009 from 7-11pm.

Bryan Schnelle began entertaining himself with images of people wearing ski masks back in 2005. Since then, his work has become more realized and refined. Masked figure represents an unknown. The incognito character hides behind a dark veil of falsehood and deception; a metaphor for society. Schnell’s Old English script on white panels is authoritative and demanding, while the masked portraits creates an abrasive and uncomfortable combination. The backgrounds are left solid white to further illustrate the isolation of the world in which these characters inhabit.

Brian Schnelle lives and works in Los Angeles. Keeping with the same themes of provoking political and social thought, he is now moving to a more abstract and intrinsic aesthetic.  His background in figurative portraiture, has led him to explore further avenues of the human form. “Suicide Machine” is his second solo show in San Francisco.

Please join us for the opening reception of “Suicide Machine”, a new body of work by Bryan Schnelle on August 8th 2009  from 7-11pm, at Gallery Three. This show will be on exhibit from August 8th through September 7th, 2009 and is open to the public.

Please visit Bryan Schnelle’s Media Kit page for more artist information.

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