Arkitip Follows Shepard to Venice

We just stumbled upon this great diary entry from Tracy Forman of Arkitip Magazine describing his travels to Venice, Italy with Shepard Fairey this May:

“After 20 years of Shepard’s seminal ‘Obey’ campaign, the city of Venice opened their arms and their public spaces for Shepard’s work to be on display legally. What is happening now is fairly significant in the world of art, especially for so called (don’t call us) street artists.


Shortly after disembarking from the boat in Piazza San Marco we had a visit with the Superintendent of Monuments and Fine Arts, Renata Codello, whose office was in the Doge’s Palace and whose job it is to approve any initiatives involving public space or any Venetian Building, especially the exteriors.

To hear Renata Codello say “We are very happy to have you here and to share your artwork with our city” was pretty mind blowing. Here was Shepard Fairey, public nuisance #1 to graffiti abatement and police forces all of the the USA and elsewhere being welcomed, (thanked even!) for coming to Venice and installing his work.”

Tracy Forman / Arkitip, Inc.

And a short video of Shepard himself:


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