Exclusive Interview: Becca


After taking ownership over the streets in the ’90s and then over gallery spaces for twenty years, Becca pulled a disappearing act. Or to be more exact, she moved out of LA and stopped painting. For two years no one heard a peep from the mysterious artist leaving only her street characters to carry on her legacy. Slowly, their paint chipped away and their wheat pastes decomposed. The city moved on and so did Becca.

This year Becca made an unprecedented decision in her career. Taking on the expansive walls of our gallery, she is back in the saddle with her largest solo show to date: True Colors. We sat down with Becca to discover the real story behind her sabbatical and why she’s back; read on to hear it from the woman herself. -White Walls


Sabbatical I stopped painting for 2 years. I was thinking of new careers such as working in a nursing home or animal shelter- something where I could actually make a difference.

Change I noticed recently that my ladies have thinner ankles and are more atomically correct. That means a lot to me.

Monkeys and Bunnies I love animals- all animals- and any time I can paint them and show them off gives me great pleasure.


Street Art Unfortunately I’ve gotten older, and so has me mum. She has no one but me to look after her. What am I supposed to do. Graffiti seems like a young persons game, which is great but I’ve moved on from the streets.

Ladies I’m a sucker for a beautiful girl, lady, woman. What can I say except some of them make me melt.


“True Colors” Exhibition It’s huge! Forty paintings is new for me, quite a challenge. I’m looking forward to every minute of it.

Los Angeles to Texas It’s hot and that’s the main adjustment. The thing I love most about Texas is that it’s an animal loving state. I belong here because of that.
No More Blood I’ve grown up, and shocking people is not on my list.

No Men Whenever I paint a man, guy, or boy they up looking like ladies. I don’t like that so I stick with the ladies.


Childhood Busy, very busy.

Leisure Hang with me pups- two yorkies and a poodle mix- and I take care of me mum: dishes, trash, yard work, breakfast, lunch, dinner and errands. Never a dull moment.

Besides Painting Cleaning, visiting with neighbors and working on my car (1991 Caprice Classic).

Day in the Life Neverending.

Inspiration Basquiat, Jeff Koons, Vuillard.

Why Create Exactly?


For inquiries about True Colors, please contact White Walls here .


4 responses to “Exclusive Interview: Becca

  1. it’s good to see back in the saddle, becca.
    looking forward to seeing your new work.

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