New Prints by Becca: “Ballerina” and “Dynamite Girl”

In addition to producing over 40 new paintings for True Colors, Becca has just released two brand new prints. “Ballerina” and “Dynamite Girl” each come in editions of 69, signed and numbered on archival Coventry rag. For more information about Becca, read this exclusive interview and check out the event photos from her opening reception.

Tinkerbell print by Becca


22.5″ x 34.5″ $200 unframed, $425 framed

Tinkerbell print detail

Tinkerbell print numbered

Dynamite Girl print

“Dynamite Girl”

34.5″ x 16.5″ $150 unframed, $375 framed

Dynamite Girl print by Becca detail

Prints are available through White Walls Gallery. Please contact us here for inquiries.


2 responses to “New Prints by Becca: “Ballerina” and “Dynamite Girl”

  1. Very nice Becca. I always have liked your use of color. Keep it goin’ girl.

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