Jillian Catches Inspiration from Adam 5100

Our publicist, Jillian Mackintosh, visited Adam 5100‘s studio this week to snap some pictures and chat about his upcoming appearance in the October’s Stencil Show at White Walls. Check out what she posted on her Juxtapoz blog yesterday:

Decided to get an early start on the postcard design for White Walls Stencil Art Show in September. I knew the best dude to go see would be Adam 5100 for some advice and inspiration. I brought my friendChris Blackstock to take pictures and document the mini adventure. (Thanks buddy)

Adam 5100 is an epic stencil artist and is definitely one of the locals favorites. He’s preparing for a show and let us take some pictures of his new stuff. I’m not sure if he’s been working on the group show for White Walls in October or not, but the premise of his work is really evolving and taking on new depth. Most of the pieces were at least 12 layers of paint. Take a look.




Adam 5100 wasn’t really expecting us but he’s such a good sport and hilarious dude, that when I asked him to pour out his jars of xacto blades he glared at me, raised his brow and informed me it was his life’s collection. I told him I’d put every single one back, and not to worry.


Dude got a little too excited trying to get them out of the jar at one point.


Not to spoil the surprise or anything but here are a few cool shots Chris took for the stencil show’s marketing and such.





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