October Stencil Show Artist, Chris Stain, in Brooklyn

(photo Jaime Rojo)Photo credit: Jaime Rojo

Chris Stain and Armsrock are currently taking over Brooklyn’s Ad Hoc Art Gallery with their upcoming show, I Know There Is Love. They also installed a large scale piece outside of the gallery: watch this video to see how they bring hope to New York City.

This is an insightful explanation from the man responsible for this video, Steve Harrington, of Brooklyn Street Art:

In preparation for their collaboration at Ad Hoc Gallery in Bushwick, Armsrock and Chris Stain sailed deep into the Brooklyn night not far from the huge Brooklyn Navy Yard, hoisting up ladders to put up a large mural stirring the contemplative inner currents of child’s play entitled “I Know There Is Love,” inspired by a Crass song of the same name.

Using projections of their original work as well as improvised chalk drawings, the storytelling includes two tadpole-aged lads and a small harbor of imaginary vessels. In it one instantly escapes to a freer time of discovery when multiple dreams were easily set afloat.

As if a reaction to the rough and salty seas of daily life in New York for many, the street artist co-captains hang a huge banner across the mast of this ship to announce that it is possible to right the bow and head toward hope. Summer 2009

Look out for Chris Stain at White Walls Gallery for October’s The Stencil Show.


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