Press Release: The Stencil Show this October

The Stencil Show

Opening Reception: October 10th 2009 from 7-11 pm.
Show runs through: November 7th 2009 and is open to the public.stencil art show at White Walls Gallery

White Walls is proud to present “Stencil Art Show,” with new works from Adam 5100, David Soukup, Chris Stain, Ernesto Yerena, Tes One, and Casey Gray this October. The exhibit features contemporary stencil art representing hundreds of hours of meticulous work and fine detail. Utilizing up to 12 layers of paint, these artist create depth, color dimension and complex textures that are visually inspiring while upholding traditional stencil roots. Please join us for the opening reception on October 10th 2009 from 7-11 pm.

From the beginning, stencil graffiti art has been an avenue for political and artistic expression geared to the masses. In reaction to the desolation of the abandoned burnt-out buildings of the South Bronx in the 70s, a man by the name of John Fekner stenciled Last Hope in large letters above one crumbling structure, thus beginning stencil graffiti art. Since then stencils have evolved, challenging the line between traditional art techniques, photo-realism, graffiti, printmaking and design.

Although the artists stem from different backgrounds and beliefs, they all come from one common interest: street art. Adam5100’s paintings have taken on a satirical look by challenging concepts of modernity, using spaces as a language to describe forgotten places and light to evoke their story. His paintings of dark alleys, construction sites and abandoned factories shed light on parts of a city that most choose to avoid. Similarly, David Soukup’s artwork has always been about urban environments although he currently experiments with compositional elements, typography and color. His paintings of cities are more like breathing organisms, full of life and mystery.

Chris Stain’s subject matter draws from his working class upbringing on Baltimore’s east side. He builds his vision of inner city life through large-scale stencil installation as well as found objects. The people he portrays in his paintings carry with them the struggle for a better life relative to the common individual. Ernesto Yerena’s paintings are likewise fueled by his roots in both California and Mexican culture. He focuses on Chicano Movements, evolution of thought and the struggle of his people. His stencils beg the community to question the status quo, especially relating to the power structures and political forces that we live under.

Tes One combines all that he knows from his street-art and digital design background to create works of art that accurately depict his perspective of the world around him. Nature and nurture meld a visual harmony of color, line, abstraction and portraiture in his stencils. Casey Gray touches on themes of promiscuity, focusing on the power of beauty and the complexities of youth. His work reflects an utter fascination with the perverse nature of mankind. Warped images of youthful females, animals and intricate patterned backgrounds blend the grit-n-grime of city life with the intimacy and comfort of domestic living.

The end result is layered narratives in an all-encompassing street aesthetic mixed with a graphic sensibility that pushes the boundary between traditional and contemporary painting.  Please join us for the opening reception of “Stencil Art Show” featuring five talented stencil artists from across the US on October 10th 2009, at White Walls Gallery from 7-11 pm. This exhibit runs through November 7th 2009 and is open to the public.


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