Money at Your Doorstep: The Artadia Awards 2009

Summer 2009 has looked favorably upon San Francisco based artists. With the newly launched Art in Storefronts program and upcoming Artadia Awards, artists in the Bay Area have huge opportunities at their doorstep.

The Artadia Awards 2009 San Francisco is now open to all visual artists living and working in the Bay Area. This is an incredible opportunity for artists to receive $3,000 to $15,000 to be used as they see fit. As Artadia puts it, “However used, the Artadia Award is the monetary component of a wider culture of support.”

This may seem too good to be true, but Artadia’s mission statement explains it all:

“Artadia’s mission is to encourage innovative artistic practice and meaningful dialogue across the United States by providing artists in specific communities with unrestricted awards and a national network of support.”

We are proud that San Francisco has been included in this award process alongside Boston, Chicago, Houston, and Atlanta. Eligible cities are recognized for their rich community of working artists, innovative art institutions, and exemplary undergraduate and graduate programs. We can attest that the creative culture of San Francisco is a thriving one, and we urge local artists to take advantage of The Artadia Awards.


Works by Ambreen Butt and Nick Rodrigues, Boston Finalists

Continue to for much more information on The Artadia Awards.


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