Sushi, Tequila, Hecho, Hugh.

Hugh Leeman’s Recognition is already hung and ready to go for tomorrow night’s opening. In celebration, we would like to share these shots of Hugh’s work around the city we know and love best. Pat yourself on the back if you recognize any of these San Francisco locations. If you don’t, we have all you need right here at White Walls Gallery, so stop by tomorrow night from 7-11pm for a strong dose of Leeman.

Hugh Leeman street art 1

Hugh Leeman street art 2

Hugh Leeman street art 3

Hugh Leeman street art 4

Hugh Leeman street art 5

Hugh Leeman street art 6

More street art from Hugh:

Letters from Leeman Part 2

Free Poster from Hugh Leeman

Hugh Leeman in the Hood

Letters from Leeman


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