Words on Nas Chompas

We’ve had our eye on Nas Chompas, as The Shooting Gallery just covered his current works in Together Gallery’s exhibition, Wood. We are thrilled to welcome this artist into our own gallery for December’s Winter Art Show. Here is a word from Jillian Mackintosh, who recently published a nice overview of Nas Chompas:

Waking RemainsNas Chompas is one of my favorite illustrators. Recently he’s been touring the country with his band Nurses but in between he’s managed to make some pretty epic new pieces. His art is currently in the Wood art show at Together Gallery in Portland, OR.  and will be featured in the Winter Show at White Walls in December. He sent me some of his newer pieces upon request and I’ve included some older ones too.

Telepathic Watchers

I always thought that if I chased something long enough to catch it, I’d never know what to do with it. In that sense, the process of growing, creating, evaluating, and progressing are what keep me running. I tend to see ourselves as bits and pieces of a bigger mess of things, and I think that shows in my artwork a lot.”

Watchers Small

There is something immensely joyous about the fantasy world and somehow manifesting bits of it with pieces of our own. Exploding colors, frenzied characters, and ecstatic, living surroundings are what inspire me. I love imagery that is childishly whimsical and disastrous in nature. I strive to make art that is free of pretensions or overly sophisticated concepts. Sharing it is what keeps us connected. I love ignoring the rules of how things should work. In the end, I want it all to come from the heart.” -Nas Chompas

Dreaming Hillside Watcher1

Forgotten Remains

3 TheresMagicInThatBarnOverYonder

Shit Got Real

Magical Bird Feeder

Keep an eye out for Nas Chompas in your town, he’ll be on tour in a city near you

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