A Warm Welcome to Ernesto Yerena

We are proud to open our doors to Erneso Yerena, a talented young artist that holds our attention. As a friend and collaborator of Shepard Fairey, we can draw several parallels in their work. However Ernesto’s “Hecho Con Ganas” project reflects a unique message, focusing on his own cultural heritage. Being Latin American, Ernesto’s imagery focuses on progressive political revolutionaries of South America like Che Guevara and Cesar Chavez. His intention is to encourage fellow Latin Americans to take action as these cultural heroes have done, handing the power to the people.

Ernesto Yerena will be contributing several works to our Stencil Art Show (October) and to our Winter Group Show (December), and in the meantime we are offering original paper pieces in editions of 6. Each piece is hand made with unique collage, over which multiple stencil images are spray painted; reminiscent of the propaganda posters that fueled political revolutions highly admired by Yerena.

Watch this video of Ernesto at work:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Click below for more original pieces from Ernesto available at White Walls.



Stencil collage on paper, edition of 6

30in x 44in, $1,500

Mis Herues by Ernesto Yerena

Mis Herues

Stencil collage on paper, edition of 6

30in x 30 in, $1,500

Infante by Ernesto Yerena

Infante Ganas

Stencil collage on paper, edition of 6

30in x 44in, $1,500


Cesar Chavez

Stencil collage on paper, edition of 6

30in x 30in, $1,500

Please contact the gallery for inquiries.


One response to “A Warm Welcome to Ernesto Yerena

  1. sandra sunshine williams

    Saludos Ernesto!
    My husband and I marched in the Arpaio protest this weekend in Phoenix. We really liked your t-shirt and wanted to know if there was any possibility of buying one from you? We live in the
    L.A. area (Santa Monica) and are activists for human rights. We go to all the immigrant rights marches and would love to wear your t-shirt there and other places we go.
    We asked several people wearing your t-shirt, but didn’t see them at Falcon Park. We could
    pick one or two if possible up anywhere you say.
    Thank you!
    Sandra Sunshine Williams, ulisandra.paz@verizon.net

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