A Note from Adam 5100

Adam 5100 just sent us a little update on his recent opening at Redletter 1 Gallery in Tampa, FL. He also has two group exhibitions on the map this fall: one at 111 Minna (Neighborhood SF this September), and the other at White Walls (The Stencil Show this October). Here is a note from Adam himself:

Hello everyone,

Well, I’ve been back from Tampa for a week getting ready for the next show on September 3rd at 111 Minna Gallery. This will be super fun, a bunch of my friends and I have made works about different neighborhoods here in Sf. Hope to see you there.
I hope you all can take the time to see how Insert Metaphor Here (the Tampa show) turned out.

Here are a bunch of links:

Stencil History X coverage
My Love For You coverage

Hope All Is Well, please feel free to let me know what you think.
Adam (5100) Feibelman

Minthouse by Adam 5100© Adam 5100

And They Would Go No Further by Adam 5100© Adam 5100

Victorian Mirror by Adam 5100© Adam 5100

Redletter 1 installationPhoto: Stencil History X


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