Stencil Art at Its Finest: David Soukup

With the October Stencil Show quickly approaching, we would like to highlight how each artist is breaking new ground in this budding genre. For example, David Soukup’s paintings are so detailed and realistic that they expand our vocabulary of “stencil art.” However these images help wrap our head around the process behind Soukup’s finished product, which he describes below:

“I like doing stencil art so much because of the process. Unlike painting, sculpting, or design, there is a certain mystery to stenciling and printmaking.  I spend so much time building up to the final product, and I have to trust my eye until the moment I get a spray can involved. There is little I can do afterward.

I also find a real beauty in the cut paper. I have always been about documenting my process so others can understand it.  Like many other photo-realistic stencil artists, I find inspiration within cityscapes (mostly of Chicago) because of their complex details and layers.  Despite the fact that it lumps me into a category, I really try to make something that is amazing and that other people can appreciate; and I try to do it in my own way.

This will be the first show where I start incorporating the wood grain and background elements in a more integrated fashion, giving more depth to the pieces. These are the unfinished layers of 4 pieces that I plan on bringing to San Francisco with me, and I hope you enjoy them.” -David Soukup

david soukup stencil 4

david soukup stencil

david soukup stencil 2

david soukup stencil 3

david soukup stencil 5

david soukup stencil 6

To see what comes after the stencil, see David’s flickr.

Look out for David Soukup at White Walls Gallery for this October’s Stencil Show.


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