Meet Rich Jacobs

We are excited to welcome Rich Jacobs into our gallery for the September exhibition, Searching by flashlight, for the bright spots on your brain, and such. Rich will be joining forces with Albert Reyes for this two man show opening on September 12th, 2009.

Our publicist, Jillian Mackintosh, recently did a studio visit with Jacobs. Read below for an excerpt from her blog detailing what we might expect from his upcoming show, how he spends his leisure time, and what’s in his personal art collection.

Rich Jacobs studio visit

Over the years, Rich Jacobs has surveyed the existence of both figurative and abstract art. Through a mix of drawings and paintings, his new exhibit Searching by flashlight, for the bright spots on your brain, and such reveals the expressive part of himself. I was able to spend some time with Rich and get to know him and his art a bit more. His new exhibit at White Walls Gallery opens September 12th and I for one, am eager to see his installation and most recent works.

Rich Jacobs studio visit

Rich Jacobs works free form with no end result in mind. He starts to draw and lets the expression be his result. His art mixes raw, organic form with detailed, tight, pattern based figures. Jacobs abstract pieces are expressive, uncontrolled and free flowing. Repetitive shapes use a visual language of form, line, and color, impulsively capturing the strange and beautiful. Without referencing a naturalistic entity, his work translates it’s own form, creating a composition that exists independently from reality.

Rich Jacobs studio visit

Jacobs’ leisure time is spent studying human nature. Whether watching passionate dialogue, listening to what makes people tick, or simply observing the streets, he finds a way to capture the essence. Contrary to his abstract pieces, his figurative faces are representational and very stylized. Odd shaped heads and obscure features explore elements of rhythm, thought and communication. Each gestural drawing tells a story of experience, capturing familiar emotions and opening a window to the soul of a stranger. Jacobs paints with acrylic, fast drying house paint, pen and ink. He uses earth tones, subtle colors, and blues to make expressive patterns, shapes, layers. He collects found objects, wood, Japanese paints, and organic inks to create an eclectic body of work.

Rich Jacobs studio visit

Twelve years ago Jacobs began his life as a professional artist, curator and traveler. He attended Otis Parson in Los Angeles, but was shattered to discover the controlled curriculum of art school. Today he is an internationally acclaimed artist with an impressive resume of more than ten years working with the most well known urban artists of this generation. He has exhibited throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Some shots from Jacobs’ personal collection:

Rich Jacobs studio visit

Rich Jacobs studio visit

Stay tuned for more updates on Rich Jacobs at White Walls Gallery on September 12th, 2009.


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