The First Annual First Show

Casey Gray is pushing the limits of stencil art, which is why we are proud to include him in our October Stencil Show. While he earns his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, Casey is also trying his hand at curating. Next week marks the opening of The First Annual First Show, c0-curated by Casey at SFAI. Details below:


September 1st, 2009, 5 – 10pm.

San Francisco Art Instistute

800 Chestnut Street, SF CA

The show is curated by Casey Gray, Nicholas Miller, Karl Nelson, and Romy Mariano.  It is a mixture of undergraduate and graduate students’ work to kick off the new school year and bring everyone together.

The purpose of this show is to ensure that positive energy is infused into the hearts and minds of the student body through a night of firsts and renewals.  The show features new paintings, sculptures, photography, film, video, performance, installation, and live music by the student community.

first annual first show

And we leave you with an excerpt from Casey’s blog:

“Who likes hand painted limited edition posters? I dooooo… and a whole lot of other people apparently judging from the response I’ve gotten from these already. Here are some pics of me making the FAFS posters yesterday or what I like to call the First Annual First assembly line. Bangin’38 hand sprayed prints. 5 colorways. 6.5 hours of printing. 1 sore ass back… worth it.”

Casey Gray

Casey Gray prints

Casey Gray print

For more images of Casey’s printmaking process, click here.


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