Repeat Offender by Tes One

Tes One Repeat Offender

Repeat offenders can only be handled in one manner: another solo exhibition. That is what Tes One has coming up at Redletter 1 in Tampa, Florida. The appropriately titled Repeat Offender opens October 3rd, just days before Tes One’s appearance in SF for The Stencil Show. We like this snippet from the press release:

“Combining traditional and non-traditional techniques, Tes One creates contemporary works of art that contrast nature with technology, grime with grace. Allowing himself to find beauty in the mundane, he is able to juxtapose rejected landscapes with figurative illustrations, all the while identifying what is common between the conversing elements.”

"Future Development" (Detail) | 49" x 61"

“Future Development” (Detail)

For more information about this exhibition, see Tes One’s site.


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