Introducing Casey Gray

Casey Gray of our Stencil Show (October 10th) just dropped a line about his latest doings. As a student of San Francisco Art Institute, a curator, and rapidly improving stencil artist, he has a lot on his plate. Read below for the full scoop from Casey plus a video of his complex stencil process. Trust us, it’s worth watching to the end.

What up ya’ll,

Man the last week has been crazy. Monday was not the best of days to say the least, a classic case of the artist getting overly comfortable with his tools to the point of carelessness. This particular case landed me in Saint Francis Hospital with a slice the size of Texas in my arm all the way into the muscle from a rogue Exacto knife. But not to worry, two and a half hours and fifty stitches later (yes 50), I was back on my feet and out the door, good as new.  My arm’s pretty weak and almost completely numb from my wrist up to the injury but luckily it’s not affecting my work in the least.

So that happened. On top of that, I am now the proud new tenant of an approximately 25,000 square foot live/work warehouse space in the Dogpatch.  It’s literally a dream come true. Needless to say, I’m pretty freakin’ stoked on the whole thing. Moved my studio in last week and I am still moving the rest of my crap from my old apartment.  I couldn’t be happier to finally have a studio with a loading dock and proper ventilation and proper space for that matter, so much so that I don’t know what to do with it all really.  Well, I’ve got a few ideas.

With that being said, I just put the finishing touches on the new work for the Stencil Show. I’m really pleased with how everything turned out. The paintings are a highly narrative, exceptionally colorful blend of voyeurism, mischief, obsession, arousal, surveillance and humor.  I’ve been really focusing on creating greater depth in the new work, which is challenging with only two layer stencils, but it’s a challenge that I’m really hyped on. By using soft fill colors in between various layers, the images really start to pop and give the work a more dreamy fantastical feeling that I like while still looking urban. I’m really curious to see what people think.

Okay so I think that’s it for me. I’m pretty much just chillin’ these days. Trying to get some new work ready for Miami, working on some new screenprints, toying around with some collaborative projects at school and possibly currating another show for the Spring. Exciting times.

Uhhh yea, cool…



Casey Gray

Casey Gray

Casey Gray

Casey Gray

Casey Gray

Casey Grey stencil

3 responses to “Introducing Casey Gray

  1. Nice. I like the new stuff. All Hail the Case-Mo!

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  3. madness!

    I am not worthy!!!

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