Ramblin Worker in the House

In the House

Despite his name, Ramblin’ Worker gets himself into some very ambitious projects. For example, he spent at least 16 hours painting this mural by brush (and on his birthday) in Gallery Three. Guinness and Lynnard Skynnard provided moral support while Ramblin’ Worker installed a threaded landscape of skate ramps, bikes, and brass knuckles. Opening reception: Saturday, October 10th from 7-11pm. Be there.

Ramblin Woker 2

Ramblin Worker

Ramblin Worker 4

Ramblin Worker

Ramblin Worker

Ramblin Worker

Ramblin Worker 3


6 responses to “Ramblin Worker in the House

  1. SO so rad! Can’t wait to see this show. SteveMac you are on a tear!

  2. steve – this is rad. the mural is awesome. i wish i was going to be there!

  3. Super Cool MacAttack! Nice work

  4. uuuuooooooohhhhhhhh!!!!! the walls are moving… it’s all so wiggily….Whhhhhoooooaaaaa…I feel dizzy

  5. the ramblin worker is on top of his game. nobody around does anything quite like this. rock it, ramblin worker.

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