Hugh Leeman on Walls and Tees

Hugh Leeman was up to no good on his trip to NYC this month. One morning he returned to the meat packing district, where he had thrown up pieces the night before, to find D*Face installing a mural on the same wall. He also hit up several locations on Wooster Street, pictured below.

Hugh Leeman

(More images of this mural at Arrested Motion)

Hugh Leeman

Hugh Leeman

Hugh Leeman

Hugh Leeman

When he returned to San Francisco, Hugh also implemented a new campaign to distribute tees around the Tenderloin. Bearing the face of his “Yankees hat guy,” the shirts add another dimension to his street art. A few words from Hugh explain the project:

“I’ve been producing t-shirts with my street art portraits and distributing these shirts to the inner city residents of San Francisco in the Tenderloin. I’m selling the shirts for $20 apiece to those on my contact list. This money is then entirely re-invested into buying more shirts which are given away to the residents of the Tenderloin district in San Francisco. We are in the process of working with partner restaurants who will wear them as uniforms for about a week and donate 10% of food sales to the charity of their choice.

People are mostly aware of the portrait from my street art. The response has been incredible, The first week people were interested and excited by the second week we had a crowd/line. Even the police showed up and were actually pretty cool. But when he showed up he didn’t want a donut. Donuts are something else we offer with the shirts for reasons just like that.” -Hugh

Hugh Leeman

Hugh Leeman

Hugh Leeman

See more works by Hugh Leeman here.


One response to “Hugh Leeman on Walls and Tees

  1. sweeeeeet! i’ve seen his stuff around in the city

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