D Young V Brings His Vision to Life

D Young V’s drawings revolve around a narrative in which a turbulent militaristic environment calls on San Francisco youth to step up. This group of individuals seeks to rebuild the destroyed society it once knew, forming a new and better one in its place.

Untitled 23 by D Young V

From San Francisco Youth Report

Until now, D Young V has referenced existing images to draw from. But last week he took things a step further with a full blown photo shoot to get exactly what he wanted, inviting friends and strangers to participate. A warehouse space filled up with about twenty people including models, photographers, and even a military adviser.

D Young V photo shoot

Derek White is a former airborne infantry, deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, who came along to direct the models. He instructed them on achieving realistic posture, stance, and action poses. Shaun Roberts, Chris Blackstock, and Thomas Landerman photographed while Julianne Yates of Gallery Heist became the star model (she can even cry on command!). Everyone contributed props such as fake guns, helmets, fatigues, and masks to assemble a convincing costume wardrobe.

D Young V photo shoot

With a background in acting, Juliane really captured the mood.

D Young V photo shoot

Amid the dramatic times, a documentarian is always key.

D Young V photo shoot

Living in San Francisco has stirred D Young V’s interest in the idea of messengers. They bear the essential task of transporting ideas, information, weapons, goods, or anything else necessary to the cause.

These photographs will be used in D Young V’s newest body of work, which is surely going to be as fantastic as the last. Click through for the full picture.

To see more drawings from D Young V, check out his September 2009 show at Gallery Three.

Also look out for him at White Walls’ Winter Group Show.


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