Apex and Neonski Lead the Pack

We didn’t quite know what to expect from the Stencil Workshop & Street Art Lecture that took place at our gallery last Saturday. As part of the Tenderloin’s Wonderland project, the local graffiti artists Apex and Neonski led the group in an interactive lesson in spray can art.

We were impressed with the array of urban art enthusiasts that showed up, ranging from happy-go-lucky kids to graff loving teens and contemplative adults. After participants had at it in Myrtle Alley, we headed inside for an intimate look at Apex and Neonski’s life work. Apex (Ricardo Santana) led the discussion with a slideshow of rarely seen murals from the 90s to present, while Neonski chimed in to share important details and amusing stories. Afterward, eager listeners engaged in a lengthy discussion with the artists.

We were pleased to see so many new faces around here, reflecting our community’s growing enthusiasm for street art, graffiti, murals, and stencil art. The event was a fitting transition between the Stencil Show and ESPO; two exhibitions that express diverse approaches to graffiti-inspired art.

Stencil Workshop at White Walls

Stencil Workshop at White Walls


Stencil Workshop

Stencil Workshop

Stencil Workshop

Apex giving street art lecture

Street art lecture by Apex & Neonski

See more pics at flickr.


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