ESPO in the House

In the House

ESPO has moved into White Walls to prepare work for his show opening this Saturday, November 14th 2009 from 7-11pm. Scope out his progress thus far and read below for a note from ESPO aka Steve Powers.

ESPO installation

ESPO installation

ESPO installation

ESPO installation

ESPO installation

ESPO installation

ESPO 1ESPO installationESPO installation

ESPO installation

ESPO installation

ESPO and Ramblin Worker

ESPO installation


First of all, regular viewers of the Steve Powers show know I havent really written graffiti in 10 years. Besides the occasional bathroom signature (a few in 10 years) or the even more occasional legal graffiti wall (1 in 10 years) I quit that writing shit.  I was tired of writing on people’s stuff, and I had done it every way I felt I could, including writing  a book on the topic, so  I grew up.

But ESPO has followed me everywhere from Street Market at Deitch to the present show here at White Walls. I remember that Jeffrey specifically said he wanted to present Barry, Todd, and myself by strictly our government names, but the graffiti back story was too good to ignore, so my name in press release went out as Steve ESPO Powers. Justin Giarla of White Walls recognized the same potential for a good conversation with collectors in the ESPO name, but went all out and dropped the government name completely, and unbeknownst to me, promoted this show as being by ESPO Exterior Surface Painting Outreach. When I see the ad finally, upon my arrival at the gallery, all I could do was make the sound of a tire going flat.

Justin says I’m more marketable as ESPO Exterior Surface Painting Outreach. Ok he sells a lot of work, I’ll let a man do his job. You sell the shit I’m cooking up, just stay out of my kitchen while I’m working. And since you blew up my spot, I’m going to grill the inside of this gallery with tags. if security catches kids going over me, they’re getting  sawzall haircuts.  And finally:

You cant make street if the street doesnt make you.

7 responses to “ESPO in the House

  1. I know some great tags still hangin round philly!

  2. isnt all of philly a bathhoom?

  3. saw a random ESPO heart/pigeon tag walking down the street and it made my day!

  4. Yo ESPO! ICE from Philly here. Keep representin. I’m so glad that your puttin out there that you’ve been there and done that. It’s the fans that are just catchin on that want you to be where they found you. There’s a whole lot that you’ve done and are doing that doesn’t see the light of day. Just keep it movin in the right direction. BTW the “Love Letters” project is off the chain. What a way to return home. Holla.

  5. Say whats up to Ari and the Mrs. for me.

  6. It’s going to be a good.

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