Aqua Art Miami Opens Today

Today marks the opening of Aqua Art Miami: a three day art fair showcasing the latest and the greatest in contemporary art. White Walls occupies Booth 50 with a group exhibition of our favorite artists. Some have shown with us for years while others are new to the family, including:

AJ Fosik, Aaron Nagel, Becca, Casey Gray, Ernesto Yerena, Greg Gossel, Jesse Hazelip, Jessica Hess, Kevin Cyr, Mark Warren Jacques, Mike Shine, Morgan Slade, Nas Chompas, Ron English, Shawn Barber, Isabel Samaras, Timothy Karpinski, Kill Pixie, Lucas Soi, and Erik Foss

Scroll down for a few highlights from the show and check out our official Aqua page for the full exhibition.

Casey Gray

Nas Chompas

Kill Pixie

Mark Warren Jacques

Aaron Nagel

Timothy Karpinski

Kevin Cyr

Kevin Cyr

Ron English

Lucas Soi


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