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White Walls & The Shooting Gallery in Sunset Magazine

White Walls in Sunset Magazine

We’re proud to be included in Sunset Magazine’s coverage of the San Francisco alternative gallery scene. The magazine’s September Norther California edition is out on stands now and you can find a sweet write up about yours truly on page 32A. They were quick to recognize our “opening receptions are a see-and-be-seen affairs” but that there are plenty other times to visit and fully appreciate iconic works by artists such as Shepard Fairey. Props to Leah Hennen for the thorough inclusion of galleries making a change in our Bay Area.

White Walls in Sunset Magazine text

White Walls in Sunset Magazene text 2

“The New Utopia” Tonight at Subliminal Projects

“The New Utopia, opening June 27 at the Subliminal Projects gallery, offers multiple representations of utopias from a diverse group of creatives: artists, designers, writers, musicians, publishers, and other visionaries who are currently reshaping our culture. Curated by Studio Number One, the exhibition is the second installment of their annual Park Life series, bringing diverse talent together for a moment in space and time.”

The lineup:

Shepard Fairey, Amanda Fairey, Florencio Zavala, Cleon Peterson, Zach Gibson, Kristian Henson, Casey Ryder, Jesselisa Moretti, Simon Steinhardt, Philip Lumbang, Ernesto Yerena, Marissa Textor, Adrianne
Reade, Date Farmers, Jeremy Kaplan, Fighting, POW WOW, Seth Ferris, Sage Vaughn, Maya Hayuk, Michael Muller, Jessica Williams, Hellovon, Eric Elms, Mansi Shah, Tanya Rubbak, Gail Swanlund, Jeremy Landman,
Devin Gallagher, Nicholas Bowers, Spencer Elden, Z James

And best of all, tonight’s opening event is sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon. Find out more at Daily duJour.

USA Today


The Spanyards have always sported a healthy appreciation for American art, and “USA Today” proves that they have done their homework. This exposition/installation currently touring Spain is organized by Contemporanea in collaboration with RVCA to catalog the most progressive artists of the past decade.

Aiming to represent the descendants of Warhol, Keith Haring, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, this show is a collection of art influenced by skateboarding, hip hop, punk, and grafitti culture. The lineup is hot: Shepard Fairey, Kelsey Brookes, Thomas Campbell, Jim Houser, Spike Jones, Matt Leines, Jim Houser, Barry McGee, Jeff Soto, Ed Templeton, Cheryl Dunn and more.

If only we could jet set on over to Badajoz, Spain before July 8th, we would witness a massive collection of the art that keeps our blood pumping.

Photo Source: The Art Collectors

Adios, CPop

CPop Gallery of Detroit is approaching its final days, but there’s still time to catch the final exhibition. Shepard Fairey, Liz McGrath, Tara McPherson, Niagara Detroit, Isabel Samaras and Tes One are just a few of the artists featured in “It’s All About ©” running through June 13th. If you can’t make it to the show, you can still get some Tes One action in our Stencil Art Show this October.

Original screenprints on wood from Shepard Fairey

Photo Source: Perfect Laughter, CPop’s facebook

Obey Campaign Chronicled by Arkitip

The long anticipated return of Shepard Fairey to Arkitip Magazine‘s pages is almost within grasp. This Friday, June 19th marks the release party for the special issue complete with a signed screenprint and custom box. Shepard is taking advantage of the chance to pull out his turntables, and we wish we could be in LA to celebrate with him. Below is a quote from Arkitip along with a video they produced of Shepard’s process:


“He’s an artist who stands by what he believes in and has done more to communicate his causes to the masses than most of his contemporaries, which is admirable on any level. His campaigns have done more to shape the public consciousness than any other artist because you don’t have go to a gallery to see his work, its ubiquity is well established.” –Arkitip

Vodpod videos no longer available.