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Aqua Art Miami

As of 5am yesterday morning, the White Walls crew has temporarily relocated to Miami, Florida. The Aqua Wynwood art fair opens this Thursday, December 3rd, where you can find White Walls at Booth 50. Check out the official lineup:

White Walls in Booth 50:

AJ Fosik, Aaron Nagel, Becca, Casey Gray, Ernesto Yerena, Greg Gossel, Jesse Hazelip, Jessica Hess, Kevin Cyr, Mark Warren Jacques, Mike Shine, Morgan Slade, Nas Chompas, Ron English, Shawn Barber, Isabel Samaras, Timothy Karpinski, Kill Pixie, Lucas Soi, and Erik Foss

View exhibition online

Scroll down to see the large scale installations that Mike Shine and AJ Fosik have been working on while we hang this three day exhibition.

Even in the tightest of quarters, Mike Shine has managed to construct his signature “Art Shack” with the help of his sons and friends. The structure is solidly in place, but we all know that’s only half the battle. We anticipate long hours of painting the walls, inside and out, from Mr. Shine before the fair opens tomorrow.

Mike Shine isn’t the only artist putting his best foot forward this December. Just outside of Booth 50 near the fair entrance, AJ Fosik has installed one of his most intricate works to date. The brightly colored, three snouted creature is one of his strongest pieces of the year, if you ask us.

Aqua Art Miami : AJ Fosik

We are also happy to have Morgan Slade, Casey Gray, Aaron Nagel, Ramblin Worker, and Jesse Hazelip in Miami with us. We appreciate their efforts to be here, showing devotion to their craft and support of the gallery. Stay tuned for updates and we hope to see you in Miami this week!

Press Release: Winter Group Show

Winter Group Show

Opening December 12th 2009 7-11pm

Winter Group Show

White Walls is proud to present the Winter Group Show opening December 12th 2009. No themes or undertones to this exhibit, just the best art from the artists we’ve been dying to see. This massive group show features more than 30 artist from around the US with close to 60 original pieces of art. Please join us for the opening reception at White Walls Gallery on December 12th 2009 from 7-11 pm.

We are excited to show several artists who we are inspired by and admire. Varying from prolific artists who have established careers to those who are just now emerging. This exceptional collection fluctuates between abstract, mixed media, sculpture, urban, folk and contemporary art. The Winter Group Show embodies White Walls’ mission to push the boundaries between lowbrow, urban and fine art and we are proud to exhibit such a diverse collection all under one roof.

Featured Artists: Clayton Brothers, AJ Fosik, Thomas Campbell, Anthony Lister, Mike Shine, Cody Hudson, Katy Horan, Rich Jacobs, Alex Kopps, Kill Pixie, Greg Gossel, Ernesto Yerena, Timothy Karpinski, Nas Chompas, Mark Warren Jacques, Erik Foss, D Young V, Antistrot, Aaron Nagel, Robert Burden, Becca, Casey Gray, Lance Strongheart, Henry Gunderson, Mercedes Heinwien, Phillip Lumbang, Akira Beard plus more surprise guests to come.

Winter Group Show opens December 12th, 2009 and runs through January 2nd, 2009. Please see our extensive media kit for images, artist statements and further information on the event.

Stencil Artists Tell All

Since our Stencil Show artists are a rare breed, we decided to throw something fun at them in place of a traditional interview. We let the artists tell their story through a mad lib, passing the story amongst themselves for a complete mix up. Read on to see how Tes One, David Soukup, Casey Gray, Ernesto Yerena, Chris Stain and Adam 5100 got to where they are today.





mad lib 5 2

Red Carpet: The Stencil Show

Red Carpet

As stated by Arrested Motion, The Stencil Show’s opening reception was a success. Casey Gray, David Soukup, Ernesto Yerena, and Adam 5100 all came out to represent while a curious crowd absorbed the wide range of stencil works. Thanks for joining us in the celebration of such a unique exhibit and we hope to see you back at the gallery soon.

Shooting Gallery opening reception

Ramblin Worker’s Upstairs Is Where the Magic Happens

Shooting Gallery opening reception

Casey Gray

Shooting Gallery opening reception

White Walls opening reception

David Soukup and his girlfriend

Shooting Gallery opening reception

Casey, Michael, and Lauren

White Walls opening reception

Gallery babe

White Walls opening reception

Ernesto Yerena’s family and friends

White Walls opening reception

White Walls opening reception

Casey and Julio

White Walls opening reception

Adam 5100

White Walls opening reception

Stencils Galore

All the town is talking: what is this Stencil Show? Spray paint, hooligans, amateurs? We are here to nullify all rumors about the vandalizing nature of stencil art, and we have the artwork to back it up. David Soukup, Tes One, Casey Gray, Ernesto Yerena, Blek le Rat, and Chris Stain are in the house and you better believe they are pushing the boundaries of what a stencil can do. Check out a few detail shots below and join us this Saturday, October 10th for the opening reception of The Stencil Show.

Hong Kong Hustle by David Soukup

Tes One

Ernesto Yerena

blek le rat

Casey Gray