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Red Carpet: Rich Jacobs & Albert Reyes

Red Carpet

A warm thank you to everyone who came out for last Saturday’s opening reception! Rich Jacobs and Albert Reyes deserved the recognition for all their hard work, and we were happy to have them in the gallery to celebrate with friends. Take a look at some pictures from the opening reception and be sure to stop by White Walls Gallery before October 3rd to see this one of a kind show.

Rich Jacobs opening receptionRich Jacobs’ final touch to the installation

Rich Jacobs opening receptionAlbert Reyes, Ian Johnson, and Rich Jacobs

Rich Jacobs opening reception

Rich Jacobs opening receptionJesse Hazelip and Laiyna Magana

Rich Jacobs opening receptionChristian has the beats on lock down

Rich Jacobs opening receptionRichard Colman and friend

Albert Reyes opening receptionAlbert with friends

Rich Jacobs opening receptionKate, Rich, and Spencer


Ramblin Worker and Justin Giarla

See more at our flickr page or check out The Shooting Gallery’s opening photos.


Showstoppers: Ian Johnson & Mike Shine

While ravaging the June issue of Juxtapoz we were thrilled to come upon the showstoppers, Ian Johnson and Mike Shine. The crew had good things to say about the two artists filling our walls these days, and we appreciate the love. Click below for the magazine clips.


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Red Carpet: Ian Johnson

Red Carpet

Ian Johnson entertained quite a crowd this Saturday, celebrating the opening of his new show. Thank you to everyone who made it out, and enjoy these red carpet snapshots. Also be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Ian.


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Ian Johnson’s Finishing Touches


The first thing that distinguishes Ian Johnson’s paintings from run-of-the-mill musician portraits is his excellent taste in subjects. A jazz lover, he’s focused on the likes of Miles Davis, Nat King Cole, and John Coltrane. But the main thing that distinguishes Johnson’s art is its dynamism. Combining stong and lively use of line with colors that vibrate, Johnson makes iconic images that sing. -Huston, San Francisco Bay Guardian Continue reading

Tight Spaces, Jazz Faces

Space is officially tight in San Francisco, and four crammed walls isn’t exactly conducive to creating art. However we were amazed by Ian Johnson’s studio: a small annex in his SF apartment, stark clean, organized from floor to ceiling with jazz paraphernalia and works in progress.

We already released a few teaser shots from this visit, but with Ian’s show opening this Saturday, we thought you could use some visual fodder.


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Exclusive Interview: Ian Johnson


Ian Johnson lives in two worlds: the world of skateboarding and the world of art. Yet assuming that individuals are so quantifiable, we must include the world of jazz- one that intersects Ian’s previous two. His works carry the intensity of low double bass vibrations coupled with a skateboard underfoot, all in a dynamic graphic style. They echo the soulful bellowing of Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington send us deep into the cradle of contemporary music.

Painting what comes naturally to him, Ian produces golden canvases interrupted by vibrant colors and black and white portraits. Nothing short of inspiring, the iconic faces of jazz giants overlay design elements that reference contemporary skateboarding culture. Although Ian claims that these works have little explanation, we dug deeper to uncover some personal history. Tune in for insightful thoughts on starting a skateboard line, moving across country, and balancing brushes with a computer mouse. –White Walls staff Continue reading

SLAP Sessions: Ian Johnson


Slap Skateboard Magazine is hot on the trail of skateboard trendsetter and fine artist, Ian Johnson. He was featured this April in Thrashers sister mag, which recently transitioned from a print magazine to online-only. We give Slap props for their beautifully designed online magazine, and of course for their excellent choices in content. Below are words from Isaac McKay-Randozzi:


See the full feature and a well done video-visit at Slap.