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Aqua Art Miami

As of 5am yesterday morning, the White Walls crew has temporarily relocated to Miami, Florida. The Aqua Wynwood art fair opens this Thursday, December 3rd, where you can find White Walls at Booth 50. Check out the official lineup:

White Walls in Booth 50:

AJ Fosik, Aaron Nagel, Becca, Casey Gray, Ernesto Yerena, Greg Gossel, Jesse Hazelip, Jessica Hess, Kevin Cyr, Mark Warren Jacques, Mike Shine, Morgan Slade, Nas Chompas, Ron English, Shawn Barber, Isabel Samaras, Timothy Karpinski, Kill Pixie, Lucas Soi, and Erik Foss

View exhibition online

Scroll down to see the large scale installations that Mike Shine and AJ Fosik have been working on while we hang this three day exhibition.

Even in the tightest of quarters, Mike Shine has managed to construct his signature “Art Shack” with the help of his sons and friends. The structure is solidly in place, but we all know that’s only half the battle. We anticipate long hours of painting the walls, inside and out, from Mr. Shine before the fair opens tomorrow.

Mike Shine isn’t the only artist putting his best foot forward this December. Just outside of Booth 50 near the fair entrance, AJ Fosik has installed one of his most intricate works to date. The brightly colored, three snouted creature is one of his strongest pieces of the year, if you ask us.

Aqua Art Miami : AJ Fosik

We are also happy to have Morgan Slade, Casey Gray, Aaron Nagel, Ramblin Worker, and Jesse Hazelip in Miami with us. We appreciate their efforts to be here, showing devotion to their craft and support of the gallery. Stay tuned for updates and we hope to see you in Miami this week!

Adam 5100 Making It Happen

Adam 5100 has had a very busy summer and it looks like the fall won’t be any different. Among developing a toy for Terminal 22 and releasing a new print in London, Adam just opened a show at Oakland’s Basement Gallery. The show features prominent Bay Area sculptors and 3D artists, hand chosen by¬†Juan Santiago.
Adam also has two exhibitions opening in October, 2009:
Green Day commissioned nineteen artists to collaborate on their new album, 21st Century Breakdown. These artists (including Adam 5100, Ron English, and Logan Hicks) have created an art exhibition inspired by Green Day’s music that will travel with the band on their upcoming tour. Stolen Space Gallery in London is also getting a piece of the pie with a week long show opening October 22nd.
On October 10th, Adam 5100 will be at White Walls for the opening of The Stencil Show. Stop by to talk to the cut happy artist about these exciting projects and about his new body of work.
To see more of Adam 5100, click the links below.
Current show at Redletter 1
Current show at 111 Minna
Sketch Tuesday at 111 Minna (Sept 29th)

Scion Swings by San Jose

Us San Franciscans have felt very left out of Scion’s latest project touring the country: Installation 5. Although an exhibition isn’t coming all the way to our doorstep, it’s a train ride away: San Jose opens its doors to Scion this Friday, June 5th. We are proud to see many White Walls and Shooting Gallery artists represented in this self portrait series including Blek le Rat, AJ Fosik, Ron English, and Kelsey Brookes. To celebrate Scion’s first stop on the West Coast, DJ Basura will be providing entertainment at the opening event. Judging by these shots of NYC’s opening, Scion knows how to throw a grand party.



Scion Hits the Road

As the lines between fine art and commercial design blur, progressive companies like Scion support some of our favorite artists through Installation 5: Self Portraits. Scion has done their homework, assembling a capable lineup: Blek le Rat, AJ Fosik, Andrew Shoultz, Ron English, Will Barras, Usugrow, Kelsey Brookes and many more. Being the first year that video is recognized in the Installation Art Tour, we are eager to see how these artists take advantage of the medium. Among nine stops total, the show is currently en route to New York (opening May 7th). For more information, consult Juxtapoz.