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The Final Stretch with Steve Powers

Steve Powers

aka ESPO

Opening Saturday, November 14th 7-11pm at White Walls

See flickr for more images of his works in progress.

ESPO aka Steve Powers

ESPO Steve Powers at White Walls

Steve Powers installation

by Steve Powers

by Steve Powers

by Steve Powers

ESPO Steve Powers at White Walls

ESPO Steve Powers at White Walls

ESPO Steve Powers at White Walls

ESPO Steve Powers at White Walls

ESPO Steve Powers at White Walls

ESPO Steve Powers at White Walls

We, the reprobates and affiliates at Studio Gangster, specialize in a new artform we are calling post-felonial  art (some of us do prefer Ab-Ex-Recidivism). Some may scoff and say “You aint doing nothing but tagging up the walls” and you’d be right. But what your blinking dripping eye missed was the depth our doodles go to define our lives and how we live them. You aint seen graff this Tabasco since Lascaux,  nor graff so ICE-AY since Pompei. If you want to get down with the Newest School, heres what you do. Grab any writing implement, step up to a wall, tell the truth without hesitating. Step back and feel devastating. laugh at the guy with the bucket of glue, ask him why he’s so stuck up.

Now that we have formed this union of like-minded Post-Felonial Expressionists, we decide to build a pryamid, to point to the past we inherit from the Egyptians, and The Egyptian Lover, and to look toward the future we leave for The Creator, who will return to see how his experiment turned out. She will see the the story of  human achievement started  with a pryamid of stone in egypt and ended with a pyramid of tires in America. She’ll roll her all-seeing eye like she left the oven on too long.

Dinosaurs gave mankind two great gifts – petroleum and extinction

best regards

Your boy ESPO


ESPO in the House

In the House

ESPO has moved into White Walls to prepare work for his show opening this Saturday, November 14th 2009 from 7-11pm. Scope out his progress thus far and read below for a note from ESPO aka Steve Powers.

ESPO installation

ESPO installation

ESPO installation

ESPO installation

ESPO installation

ESPO installation

ESPO 1ESPO installationESPO installation

ESPO installation

ESPO installation

ESPO and Ramblin Worker

ESPO installation


First of all, regular viewers of the Steve Powers show know I havent really written graffiti in 10 years. Besides the occasional bathroom signature (a few in 10 years) or the even more occasional legal graffiti wall (1 in 10 years) I quit that writing shit.  I was tired of writing on people’s stuff, and I had done it every way I felt I could, including writing  a book on the topic, so  I grew up.

But ESPO has followed me everywhere from Street Market at Deitch to the present show here at White Walls. I remember that Jeffrey specifically said he wanted to present Barry, Todd, and myself by strictly our government names, but the graffiti back story was too good to ignore, so my name in press release went out as Steve ESPO Powers. Justin Giarla of White Walls recognized the same potential for a good conversation with collectors in the ESPO name, but went all out and dropped the government name completely, and unbeknownst to me, promoted this show as being by ESPO Exterior Surface Painting Outreach. When I see the ad finally, upon my arrival at the gallery, all I could do was make the sound of a tire going flat.

Justin says I’m more marketable as ESPO Exterior Surface Painting Outreach. Ok he sells a lot of work, I’ll let a man do his job. You sell the shit I’m cooking up, just stay out of my kitchen while I’m working. And since you blew up my spot, I’m going to grill the inside of this gallery with tags. if security catches kids going over me, they’re getting  sawzall haircuts.  And finally:

You cant make street if the street doesnt make you.

Apex and Neonski Lead the Pack

We didn’t quite know what to expect from the Stencil Workshop & Street Art Lecture that took place at our gallery last Saturday. As part of the Tenderloin’s Wonderland project, the local graffiti artists Apex and Neonski led the group in an interactive lesson in spray can art.

We were impressed with the array of urban art enthusiasts that showed up, ranging from happy-go-lucky kids to graff loving teens and contemplative adults. After participants had at it in Myrtle Alley, we headed inside for an intimate look at Apex and Neonski’s life work. Apex (Ricardo Santana) led the discussion with a slideshow of rarely seen murals from the 90s to present, while Neonski chimed in to share important details and amusing stories. Afterward, eager listeners engaged in a lengthy discussion with the artists.

We were pleased to see so many new faces around here, reflecting our community’s growing enthusiasm for street art, graffiti, murals, and stencil art. The event was a fitting transition between the Stencil Show and ESPO; two exhibitions that express diverse approaches to graffiti-inspired art.

Stencil Workshop at White Walls

Stencil Workshop at White Walls


Stencil Workshop

Stencil Workshop

Stencil Workshop

Apex giving street art lecture

Street art lecture by Apex & Neonski

See more pics at flickr.

Stencil Workshop and Street Art Lecture at White Walls

Tenderloin dwellers take pride in their eclectic, cultured and historical neighborhood of San Francisco. White Walls and The Shooting Gallery are no different, and our involvement in the community backs our feelings toward our lovely TL home.

From October 17-November 15, 2009, an entire program of arts related events in the Tenderloin will be hosted by Wonderland (an SF non-profit). All events are free to the community, calling on 74 artists to create 16 projects throughout the neighborhood. White Walls is getting in on the action with a stencil workshop and street art lecture on November 7th, details below:

Saturday, November 7th 2009
White Walls Gallery
835 Larkin St.  San Francisco CA 94109
Stencil Workshop 3:00 pm-4:00pm
Street Art Lecture 4:00-5:30

Stencil Workshop From 3-4pm, Myrtle Alley will become the site of an impromptu mural project. A giant wooden panel will be installed in the alley, and we invite artists of all capacities to make their mark. All spray paint will be provided by Montana and participants are welcome to bring their own stencils, tee shirts to stencil onto, etc. This workshop is meant to bring together experienced spray can artists with those who are curious about the art form, whether they have tried it or not. It will be a fun, laid back event where artists and the community will have a chance to dialogue about spray can art.

Street Art Lecture After the workshop, a talk will be led by the local graffiti artists Apex, Vulcan, and Neonski. They will discuss the evolution of their signature “Super Burner” murals, which are known for being layered with 500 or more colors. (For more about these artists, see Juxtapoz) Get a glimpse of their styles below:

apex by apex-one.Apex (photo via Funkandjazz)

Neonski (via graffiti.org)

Vulcan (via Civil Clothing)

Whether you are a veteran street artist or you have never touched a Montana can, we invite all to engage their curiosity in these one of a kind events at White Walls.
If you are an artist interested in volunteering one hour of time for the street art workshop, please contact the gallery.

For more info:

The Wonderland blog

Apex on flickr

Erik Otto‘s Wonderland project, Down the Rabbit Hole.

Press Release: ESPO

mother by Espo

White Walls Gallery is proud to present new works by Steve Powers on Saturday, November 14th 2009. Steve Powers (also known as ESPO) isolates moments, images and phrases of daily life to create an emotional revelation within the viewer. Please join us for the opening reception at White Walls Gallery from 7-11pm.

Dedication to making the world a better place may seem overzealous for an artist but ESPO is the exception to the rule. He has been an influential contributor to bettering the lives of teenagers from troubled housing projects by teaching art in Ireland, fighting for human rights in Guantanamo Bay, and spreading the love with his most recent Love Letter Street Mural Exhibit. ESPO, meaning Exterior Surface Painting Outreach, is revered for his graffiti, signage on the street as well as huge art installations in galleries such as Dietch Projects, Collette and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Aside from his successful career as a professional gallery artist, he is also a Fullbright scholar, a participant in the 49th Venice Biennale, and author of two artist books.

Maintaining his graffiti and signage aesthetic, ESPO’s new collections of shadow boxes are made with enamel and aluminum. They are backlit: shining in honesty, complexity and truth. This exhibit brings attention to matters of love, life and all the complicated situations in between. Notorious for his dark humor combined with eloquence ESPO’s paintings create a dynamic synthesis of words and images. His strategic composition of solid colors combined with graceful, bold lines is succinct yet conceptually engaging.

Please join us for the opening reception of new works by Steve Powers on Saturday, November 14th 2009, from 7-11pm. This show will be on exhibit from November 14th through December 5th, 2009 and is open to the public.

Stencil Art at Its Finest: David Soukup

With the October Stencil Show quickly approaching, we would like to highlight how each artist is breaking new ground in this budding genre. For example, David Soukup’s paintings are so detailed and realistic that they expand our vocabulary of “stencil art.” However these images help wrap our head around the process behind Soukup’s finished product, which he describes below:

“I like doing stencil art so much because of the process. Unlike painting, sculpting, or design, there is a certain mystery to stenciling and printmaking.  I spend so much time building up to the final product, and I have to trust my eye until the moment I get a spray can involved. There is little I can do afterward.

I also find a real beauty in the cut paper. I have always been about documenting my process so others can understand it.  Like many other photo-realistic stencil artists, I find inspiration within cityscapes (mostly of Chicago) because of their complex details and layers.  Despite the fact that it lumps me into a category, I really try to make something that is amazing and that other people can appreciate; and I try to do it in my own way.

This will be the first show where I start incorporating the wood grain and background elements in a more integrated fashion, giving more depth to the pieces. These are the unfinished layers of 4 pieces that I plan on bringing to San Francisco with me, and I hope you enjoy them.” -David Soukup

david soukup stencil 4

david soukup stencil

david soukup stencil 2

david soukup stencil 3

david soukup stencil 5

david soukup stencil 6

To see what comes after the stencil, see David’s flickr.

Look out for David Soukup at White Walls Gallery for this October’s Stencil Show.

Words on Nas Chompas

We’ve had our eye on Nas Chompas, as The Shooting Gallery just covered his current works in Together Gallery’s exhibition, Wood. We are thrilled to welcome this artist into our own gallery for December’s Winter Art Show. Here is a word from Jillian Mackintosh, who recently published a nice overview of Nas Chompas:

Waking RemainsNas Chompas is one of my favorite illustrators. Recently he’s been touring the country with his band Nurses but in between he’s managed to make some pretty epic new pieces. His art is currently in the Wood art show at Together Gallery in Portland, OR.  and will be featured in the Winter Show at White Walls in December. He sent me some of his newer pieces upon request and I’ve included some older ones too. Continue reading