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Red Carpet: ESPO aka Steve Powers

Red Carpet

After a long week of lifting, climbing, hauling, painting, and writing; ESPO aka Steve Powers presented his solo exhibition to San Francisco last Saturday. Here are a few flicks from the opening reception, which brought many shining new faces into the gallery. It was also good to see friends like Erik Otto, Akira, Mike Giant, C3, D Young V, Aaron Nagel, and Fanee here for support. Thanks to everyone who came out!

For those of you who missed it, come by before December 3rd to see new works by ESPO at White Walls.

ESPO x White Walls Nov 14

White Walls presents:

New works by ESPO

Opening November 14th 2009 7-11pm

Runs through December 5th 2009



Press Release

Love Letter mural project in Philly

ESPO’s Love Letter project on Juxtapoz.com

NY Times: Still Painting Messages on Buildings, but No Longer a Vandal

Gallery Babes


Saturday night’s opening reception for The Stencil Show, Upstairs Is Where the Magic Happens, and C3/KMNDZ/Akira attracted an amiable crowd. We didn’t miss the opportunity to snag the pretty ladies of the night for our second edition of Gallery Babes. Continue scrolling for a little art and a lot of lipstick.

Gallery Babes at White Walls

Gallery Babes at White Walls

Gallery Babes at White Walls

Gallery Babes at White Walls

Gallery Babes at White Walls

Gallery Babes at White Walls

Gallery Babes at White Walls

Greg Gossel at Soo Visual Arts Center

Soo Visual Arts Center

in conjunction with

White Walls and The Shooting Gallery present:


New Works by Greg Gossel

Greg Gossel

October 9-November 29, 2009

Opening Reception Friday, October 9, 6-9pm

Greg Gossel’s paintings are poignant tributes to the decades of history that is discovered when one peels back the layers of posters coating the time weathered buildings of urban decay. His work is a montage of pop culture history; cultural fragments ranging from comic book characters, pulp novel covers, tabloids and girly magazines. Beneath the vivid color palette there is a darker tone to Gossel’s work, which explores media manipulation and exploitation with a keen skill and polish that celebrates as it simultaneous condemns.

Greg Gossel

Click here to preview the complete exhibition.

Please contact the gallery for inquiries.

Greg Gossel

Sneak Peek: Rich Jacobs

We were happy to get a visit from Rich Jacobs and family yesterday. After oogling over his adorable baby boy, we unpacked dozens of bright orange, teal, and purple paintings that Rich brought with him. There’s plenty more to come, but we can already see that this body of work combines his signature characters with intricate designs. His color palette is cheerful, yet the subject matter warrants deeper contemplation of Jacobs’ pieces.

Here are a few detail shots to get your mind turning, and stay tuned for the opening of Searching by flashlight, for the bright spots on your brain, and such opening September 12th at White Walls.

Rich Jacobs detail 3

rich jacobs detail 7

Rich Jacobs detail 2

Rich Jacobs detail 5